This page contains FAQ of more questions reguard a photoshoot, how long, where, witch is the best moment to do it, and more frequently asked questions.

What should I wait a photoshoot?

When it’s decide to contact a photography to immortalize a determinate piece of life, needs to think well who choose. Almost nobody is used to post, and in my opinion is important to feel comfortable with who stay on the other side of the camera. I love laughing and joking with my client, try to create a familiar and funny atmosphere: this applies as to belly as with children. Be a new born & pregancy photographer means have big passion but first a big love and predisposition for the child, because they0re unpredictable and sometimes the effect with set(principally with the older) could be easy in the beginning. But if all become a game then is easier achive a good job.

So about the question “what should I wait from a photoshoot?” I answer: “Send a few hours with friend, and aunt, but in same time with a person who catch every moment , look, funny situation, for capture them over the years”.


which is the best moment to do a photoshoot?

The moment t decide to do a photoshoot could be several. Doesn’t exist a right moment, but there are some recommended step, because is an investment for memory that lasts forever. Could be phase of pregnancy, or the birth of your own baby, the first birthday, but every service is different between the other, like how everty baby is special on his own.

I always suggest to my customrs to think about what thaywould re-live.

The most important step and also more beatiful to shoot in my opinion are:

  • The pregnancy(30-36 weeks.)
  • The born (2-10 days fof life) better in the morning
  • When the baby start to sit alone (7-10 months)
  • Il 1° birthday with a beatiful smashcake (12 months)

After that stages is possible to shoot the children with help of baskets specially designed or accesorize.


where the photoshoot is done?

I stay in Rome Est zone (Rome – Italy), closer the beltway’s exit and I recive only by appointment. The studio is a poses hall and not a shop, so for an appointment is always better call before.

See the contacts page to references.

All the shoots are carried out in my studio because insiede could find all the sweaty accessories that you can see in my photo, supports, props, baby clothes, etc. I don’t use to take delivery photo shoot to avoid it should put forward a limited choice.

(Left out photoshoot outdoor, where shall be agreed for the location)


How long is a photoshoot?

Every shoot has a specific performance. About the maternity photo shoot, the duration is around 45 minutes. For the newborns the duration could be from 1 to 3 hours and isn’t prediable, there’re different between children, and I always ask to mey customers to came “no rush”, because is a moment that you mast fell in totally  quiet and especially nobody can choose how the baby spend to fell sleep or how he react. My priority is will always be to indulge children and their needs. For the children older than 6 months the during is about 1 hour.

What to bring during the shoot’s moment?

think’s it’s pregnancy or children I provide a large selection of clothes and aceessories for tge realization of photos


How does a newborn baby photo service take place?



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What if the baby cries or is nervous that day?



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