How does a newborn baby photo service take place?

Of all the services offered this is the most beautiful but also the most complex one.
First of all, because you have to deal with a little bit of time, because it takes a lot of time and dedication.
The first thing to say is that you are addressing a professional who works exclusively in this field, who is very familiar with newborns and has studied to do what you have requested. It is important for you to be relaxed and enjoy the time spent together, without daddy who has to run away because they have to go to an appointment after an hour, or that you take the anxiety if the baby does not sleep right away.
Whoever does this job has a lot of patience and has to do with hundreds of children before yours, so you know what to do next.
Upon arrival, after a bit of pampering, the baby is bare and starts with the first dress (which is a tutu or a pair of shorts) and tries to make it fall asleep.
I will guide you with practical tips to speed it up (and I will be very helpful with the milk of the mother or the artificial one), in fact it is best to fix the appointment at a time that coincides with that of the feed to make it directly into the studio. This will help us to fall asleep soon, and start with the photos.
You can entrust me to your baby so that I can cuddle it and let it fall asleep in an easy position to lay it on the various supports (which we will choose together according to your taste).