Who I am

foto sito 1I’m Laura Gozzi, specialized photography about newborns, child and pregnancy, who dedicated full her life and her days at this fantastic job since 2009. It’s long time that I have identified myself in the mom’s character, and my job was borned from this, loving for babies and catching every single moment of their naturalness. Over the years, I choose to specialized myself in this field beacuese I would offer better service old the time, concentrading only on the children on newborn’s photography studying, doing workshop and mother hood. Using both natural lights and studio lights, my work in concentrating on research of particularity of every baby, their eyes, their movement and their natural spontaneity. The first constact is very important.

foto sito3

In the beginning I play with him to creatig a relationship of trust and for let him to fell comfortable, then I leave

the baby play pacefully and essentially the photo shoot is done: the game to share with me and also with their Mom and Dad. The choice of location and the different situation to create hard result of my imagination and just some logistical details has been agree with the parents for the different needs of child. So I wish highly know is habit, to engage with him and especially don’t upset his time and routine beacuse the children are really regulars. My studio is situated in Rome Italy(Rome East zone) in a silent and lightfull place, where in  harmony we can trounce all over to realize more fun or more romantic photos according to parents required.

Togethefoto sito2r with moms I choose the baby clothes must suitable, the accessories and I’ll bite if it’s present, particular requested. The final outcome is a satisfaction for me and the moms who, during the adventure, I have the pleasure to mett. The proofs are chosen from parents and then sent to me in hight quality on Cds in line with the chosen packet.

The parents are free to accept or not to firm the consent from the publication of anonimous photo online only on my web site and facebook page.